“I hired Captain Paul to help me bring my newly purchased Offshore 62 Pilothouse from San Diego to San Francisco.  He is a consummate professional in all facets – navigation, boat handling, seamanship, and perhaps most importantly, safety.  He has a wealth of knowledge and is able to communicate this in a very understandable fashion.  He also possesses valuable mechanical and electrical repair skills which were critical during the voyage.

I enthusiastically recommend Paul’s services, whether it be a delivery or boating instruction.  You will be extremely satisfied.”

Evan Dailey

Owner, Offshore 62 M/Y “EDEN III”, San Francisco Yacht Club

“Captain Paul Verveniotis was recommended by a reputable yacht broker to move my Hatteras 60 Convertible from Southern California to the San Joaquin Delta. The trip was 400 miles with a tight timeline.  The Captain delivered the yacht safe, on time and in the exact same condition as when it left port.

I couldn’t be happier with Paul and his crew with the job that they did.  Captain Paul is very professional and thorough and ensured everything  that was needed was aboard to make the voyage safe and Coast Guard compliant.  It was a real pleasure doing business with Captain Paul and I would highly recommend him to anybody needing his services.”

Adam Farrow

Owner, Hatteras 60 M/Y “JOKER”, Stockton

“I’m a captain in the Navy with sea time on the bridge of warships but have never owned a boat of my own.  I knew I had a steep learning curve ahead of me and luckily found Captain Paul.

Paul is a fantastic instructor.  Whether you are new to boating and need to start at square one or are an old hand wanting to tune particular skills, Paul is your man. He will push you just hard enough that you learn faster than you expected you would, but not so hard that you feel unsafe.   An excellent balance.

If you are new to boat ownership like me, you would find he is an even more invaluable resource as a ‘boat mentor’.  He advises on how to be a competent boat owner – what needs doing, what to do yourself, what to pay others to do, what to buy, what to make, and what to learn.  If you are nervous about entering the boating world, that’s a healthy reaction – he has your back.  Paul is your boating mentor.”

Ian Branum

Owner, CHB 42 M/Y “AMICUS”, Fortman Marina, Alameda

“In today’s world rarely do we receive services that are performed as advertised, much less exceeding expectations. Captain Paul Verveniotis provided outstanding service in the delivery of my classic 1960 Sparkman & Stephens wooden sloop VALIANT from Monterey Harbor to Ballena Isle Marina in Alameda.

His planning was meticulous, communication superb before and during the delivery, took very thorough notes and kept an engine log, and provided a detailed after action report that included valued recommendations for repairs and upgrades.

Paul is a consummate professional and highly experienced mariner, offering a valuable service at reasonable rates, and I highly recommend him for delivering your boat anywhere.”

Terry Moran

Owner, S&S 45 S/Y “VALIANT”, Ballena Isle, Alameda

“Captain Paul Verveniotis is a straight up, rock solid maritime professional who possesses a rare and balanced combination of sea time experience, safety awareness and marine engineering expertise.

In over a year of working daily alongside Captain Verveniotis, I have witnessed first-hand his careful and studied approach to operations logistics, vessel preparation, crew training and on-the-water situational awareness – all with unwavering commitment to vessel and passenger safety.  Every detail of every passage is carefully considered well in advance and executed with precision.

Paul’s unmatched professionalism is only enhanced by his thoughtful, respectful and pleasant personality. He is an absolute pleasure with whom to work!

It is without reservation that I offer this strong and enthusiastic endorsement of Captain Paul Verveniotis.  Anyone who works with him in any capacity will immediately discover, as I have, that he is a most valuable asset ashore and on the water.”

Captain Raymond G. Duran

High Speed Passenger Ferry Captain, San Francisco Bay 

“I have had the opportunity to work with Paul for the past several years and have come to learn that he is probably one of the most experienced and professional mariners that I know.  He is deliberate in approach, thorough in planning and above all puts safety at the forefront of everything that he does.  Additionally, he places his students and customers at the pinnacle of his service focus.

He is also extremely intelligent, but has the ability to transfer his knowledge in a manner that it can be readily absorbed by the novice mariner.  Paul has a keen ability to take very sophisticated principles and convert them into terms that are easily understandable.

Captain Paul is an extraordinary mariner and is the consummate maritime professional.”

Jim Losi

United States Coast Guard Academy, Board of Trustees

“My wife and I have a North Pacific 43 single engine trawler that provides a great place to stay when we visit the Bay Area, but we were very reluctant to motor out of the marina.  We quickly realized that what worked for our previous smaller boat would not work for the trawler and, in fact, placed us at risk for serious injury.

Fortunately, a neighbor in our marina recommended Captain Paul Verveniotis for boating instruction. We quickly realized we didn’t even know the questions, let alone the answers. Paul taught us about our boat’s electrical and mechanical operation, preparation to get underway, proper crew communication, on-the-water handling, docking and undocking in different wind and dock configurations, and most important of all, safety.  Paul helped us assimilate his instruction with a keen ability to recognize what we knew and build on that with a pace of learning that was within our capabilities. We learned how to stay focused, but relaxed.

Paul is an excellent instructor, a professional who takes his job seriously. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience, dedication and commitment. He doesn’t take shortcuts and insists on precision, guiding when needed and at other times quietly observing. We can without hesitation recommend Captain Paul as an excellent choice for your boating instruction.”

Angela and John Zucker

Owners, NP 43 M/Y “SUNSET SOUVENIR”, Westpoint Harbor, Redwood City

“I needed to move my 45 foot sailboat up the California coast from Monterey to Richmond during a small weather window and with a tight deadline.  Having experienced the northerly bash before, I knew I did not want to face the challenge without a professional mariner.  It was reassuring to be on board with a seasoned captain that has Paul’s list of credentials. 

We made the trip motoring north into ten foot swells with five foot wind waves on top, and significant headwinds.  Paul’s alertness, keen attention to detail, and concern over my comfort and safety made the experience as enjoyable as possible.  I particularly enjoyed the briefings about what actions to take in the case of an incident.  It is always better to plan ahead, and this mental exercise with Paul was a great way to be prepared.   Mix all that in with stories of other deliveries and adventure sports and the time passed quickly. 

I would recommend Paul to anyone considering a delivery, particularly in challenging conditions.”

Dale Krolikowski

Owner, Hanse 455 S/Y “TESORO MIO”, Monterey

“I have known and actively worked with Captain Paul Verveniotis in a commercial capacity as a fellow captain. I can confidently say that his knowledge, attention to detail, concern for safety and skills as a captain are second to none. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Captain Verveniotis for deliveries or other maritime work.” 

Captain James Hancock

Owner, Hancock Sailing Services

“Paul was very professional on the delivery, and very safety conscious. His Coast Guard background was definitely evident in the way he prepared and sailed my brand new Dehler sailboat. I would absolutely hire him again or recommend him to a friend.”

Andrew Lorenzen

Owner, S/Y “RUMLINE” / Rear Commodore, South Beach Yacht Club

“Working with Paul Verveniotis, I have found his integrity, professionalism, and competence to be at an extremely high level. His expertise as a professional mariner has contributed greatly to the success of many within the maritime community, and I intend to continue utilizing his talents well into the future.”

Chief Warrant Officer, BOSN4 Doug Leavell

District 11NR Operations Training Officer, United States Coast Guard

“Paul and I met at a local boat show and he familiarized me with the services he provides. Coincidentally, I found myself in need of a captain only two short days after our encounter.

I reached out to Paul and he was very quick to respond and also extremely accommodating with the peculiar set of circumstances on this delivery. Additionally, the vessel experienced mechanical difficulties which resulted in twice the estimated travel time. He courteously advanced payment for fuel at an unplanned stop and followed up afterwards to see that the boat was properly diagnosed and repaired.

Paul charged a fair price for his exemplary work and I won’t hesitate to utilize his superb services again soon.”

Tony Faso 

Owner, Delta Marine Sales and Delta Marine YachtCenter

“If during your plans “the thought” comes into your mind that some help or a bit more experience would be nice, then you should consider Captain Paul.  I have crewed on ocean crossings and have sailing experience, but after purchasing a Beneteau 47 and facing the task to move her 400 miles from Long Beach to Redwood City, “the thought” was “I could use more experience with this boat.”  Enter Captain Paul…

Paul demonstrated his seagoing experience immediately, starting with the details before one foot hit the deck – the pre-voyage checklists and evaluation of all on-board systems, the “what if” briefings, continuing on to the passage itself and accommodating my request that we enter SF Bay under sail. He was highly professional, experienced, always safety-centric – he has an obvious maritime passion that was contagious to all.  

It should be noted that our crew had a greatly varied breadth of experience.  Captain Paul’s personality and mentoring made everyone feel comfortable and in control (even during some rough weather and extremely limited visibility) – we all learned something.  

I encourage you to consider Captain Paul’s services.”

Brian Anderson

Owner, Beneteau 455 S/Y “SEA HORSE”, Westpoint Harbor, Redwood City

“I initially met Paul by completing an online request for a free Vessel Safety Check (http://vdept.cgaux.org/) and Paul immediately responded as he is also a USCG Aux Vessel Examiner. The same day, Paul met me at my marina and inspected my recently purchased sailboat in regards to its structural integrity, safety, compliance with regulations, condition of equipment, and also provided invaluable advice. He also mentioned to me that he performs delivery services should I ever need it.

I contacted Paul after being a little overwhelmed by my new project and asked if he might be able to deliver my boat to a boatyard in San Francisco for needed repairs. He quoted a very reasonable rate to accompany me on my first SF Bay voyage.  Paul planned an ideal weather and tidal window, and we delivered the boat in precisely the anticipated time frame and as smoothly as possible. During the trip, he again provided insightful advice and guidance, and did so in a professional manner from start to finish. I could not have been more pleased with the process. Thank you Paul for your time and expertise!”

Andrew Dervan

Owner, Catalina 22 Sailboat, Brisbane

“Medical issues can take over one’s life. I needed to move our Bayliner 4588 the 144 miles from Santa Cruz to Stockton and was unable to do so myself. Captain Paul was referred to me with extreme confidence.  After doing my due diligence and conversations with Paul we commissioned him to make this move.

It’s hard to adequately convey Captain Paul’s high level of professionalism and experience… from navigation plans, fuel consumption rates, tide, wind and weather windows to a complete inspection of all systems aboard Dreamer – I knew we were in good hands.  The boat sustained a mechanical issue enroute discovered by hourly engine room checks which necessitated quick, experienced decision-making. Paul’s engineering expertise enabled him to mitigate the problem, shut down one engine, change the passage profile and safely continue on to the destination.

Paul did an outstanding job for us. His prices were reasonable, his crew was well trained and experienced, and he is just an overall nice guy.  I highly recommended him.”

Roger Lee

Owner, Bayliner 4588 M/Y “SUNSHINE DREAMER”, Stockton

“I hired Captain Paul to deliver my 50 foot sailboat from Rendondo Beach in Southern California to Westpoint Harbor in Redwood City.  The boat was new to me at the time so I was still learning all of the systems.  When we first met near my office he had already done research on weather windows that aligned with both of our schedules, and he had familiarized himself with my sailboat model and engine. He knew I was new to boating and I was unfamiliar with the boat so he was patient with educating me about the process of boat delivery and planning, explaining each part of the process in detail. I learned a ton! 

One of the greatest things I received by hiring Paul was not just the piece of my mind knowing my boat was being delivered by an expert but I also learned invaluable voyage preparation skills that I’ll carry with me in my pursuit to becoming a better skipper.   When he arrived at Redondo Beach he had already coordinated with the marine mechanic who was looking after my boat, and the local yacht club commodore who volunteered to shuttle Paul and his crew and supplies to the mooring ball in the harbor.

It’s rare to find people like Paul who are masters of their chosen profession. I look forward to working with him again in the future and I highly recommend him for any of your marine operations needs.”

Brenden Rodriguez

Owner, Hans Christian 4750 S/Y “ATTITUDE”, Westpoint Harbor, Redwood City

“When we bought our Carver in Stockton we had some prior boating experience but nothing on a boat this size. Our plan was to explore the San Joaquin Delta and bring the boat to our home port of Monterey.  It was obvious from the onset that we needed training in boat handling skills.  I was given several names of captains by our yacht broker, and after interviewing all three we easily selected Captain Paul Verveniotis.

After explaining our needs, Captain Paul put together a training program that was custom tailored to our needs.  He drove to Stockton and gave us a couple of training sessions which included safety, anchoring, basic navigation, maneuvering, docking and basic seamanship after which we felt confident enough to handle her on our own.

As luck would have it, a slip became available to us in our new home port so Captain Paul put together a delivery plan and delivered Andiamo the 165 miles to Monterey within a perfect weather window.  During the delivery he kept us informed with constant updates, photos and a final delivery report that included all boat performance numbers and some noted deficiencies.  We highly recommend him for any maritime needs.”

Mike and Mary Kanalakis

Owners, Carver 38 M/Y “ANDIAMO!”, Monterey

“We hired Paul to help us transport our Beneteau Oceanis 461 from Channel Islands Harbor in Southern California to Redwood City in SF Bay. While we have some sailing experience, the boat was new to us and we’d never done any open ocean or night sailing. Paul was very thorough during each stage of the process – the planning checklists and preparation prior to departure were exactly what we needed!

During the trip, Paul was an excellent teacher – we are much more confident now in reading radar and navigating in a wide variety of weather and sea conditions. He is such a resource of information and his teaching demeanor is patient and encouraging. Could not have made the trip without him and we are so glad to count him as a sailing resource and friend.”

Jennifer Henschel and Jeff Kersten

Owners, Beneteau 461 S/Y “LA BELLA DUE”, Brisbane

“As a 69-year old first time boater, Paul managed to teach me how to pilot my 50 ft cabin cruiser without making me feel like I had no right owning such a boat.

The best teachers are ones that don’t make you feel stupid. Paul is one of those teachers. (Second only to Mrs. Clark in the 6th grade back in 1961.)

I highly recommend Paul.”

Jim Sanderson

Owner, Californian 48 M/Y “Absolutely Magic”, Westpoint Harbor, Redwood City