Yacht Deliveries and Owner Education | Bay Vessel Services

Offshore Deliveries

Delivery rates apply for calendar days.  Other rates are available for unique situations.  We will work with you to make sure you are getting the best possible value with zero compromise to safety or efficiency.

We precede all deliveries with a fully detailed voyage plan identifying all turn waypoints, estimated date/time of departure, date/time of all waypoint transits, and estimated date/time of arrival to the destination.  All navigation calculations are based on familiarity with prior similar vessels and research of manufacturer specifications.

Underway Days

Master    $500 / Day

Mate    $350 / Day

Deckhand    $250 / Day

Shoreside or Travel Days

Master    $250 / Day

Mate    $175 / Day

Deckhand    $150 / Day

Travel and per diem rates apply for deliveries.

Hourly Rates

Sea Trials, Local Deliveries, Training, Charters

Master    $250 – up to four hours

$50 per hour for each additional hour

Engineering, Commissioning, Project Management, Expert Witness

$75 – $300 per hour depending on scope of services

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