Bay Vessel Services provides captain and management services to private and commercial vessel owners and operators on San Francisco Bay.  We provide master staffing for special charters as well as repetitive scheduled services with an extreme eye to safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

When using Bay Vessel Services for your staffing needs, you can be assured that you are getting a high level of expertise and your vessel and guests will be treated with the utmost care.

Operations Management

For both new and established operators, having rigorous and thorough operational policies and procedures is absolutely necessary to safe and profitable operations.  Bay Vessel provides reviews of your existing operations and will develop new or revised operational procedures for single vessels and multi-vessel fleets to comply with U.S. Coast Guard requirements.  We are experienced with operations of uninspected passenger vessels (commonly called “six-pacs” or “twelve-pacs” depending on tonnage), private and corporate yachts, and Subchapter T passenger vessels up to 100 gross tons.

Risk Management

Evaluating risk for both day-to-day operations as well as planning for voyages and one-off charters are critical to ensure safety and efficient operations.  Bay Vessel Services provides guidance for both private and commercial operators regarding how you evaluate risk and how those methodologies are managed in your current policies and procedures.  This includes standard practices of bridge resource management, team communication and coordination, standardized commands, go / no-go guidelines, and more.  While this may seem as applicable to only large vessel operators, even the smallest sailboat owner benefits from a standardized approach to managing risk.

Bareboat (Demise) Charter Captain Services

Bareboat or “demise” charters are very common in San Francisco Bay and around the world, and are characterized by the operation of the chartered vessel solely being the responsibility of the charterer.  The owner or owner’s representative cannot be aboard.  For those instances where you might prefer a more experienced captain aboard, you can hire Bay Vessel Services for operation of the vessel.  In these cases, the vessel is considered an uninspected passenger vessel (UPV) and can carry up to six passengers if under 100 gross tons, and up to twelve passengers if between 100 and 300 gross tons. 

Inspected Passenger Vessels

Bay Vessel Services also provides master services for inspected passenger vessels up to 100 gross tons.  Regularly scheduled services can be booked for recurring passenger ferry operations.

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