Bay Vessel Services

Bay Vessel Services provides premier yet cost effective maritime operations and engineering services to customers in Northern California and nationwide.  We strive to give our customers the absolute best in technical and operational expertise.

About Paul

Captain Paul is an accomplished maritime professional with decades of experience in vessel operations and in government maritime services.

He has been a professional mariner since the 1980s.  After attending the United States Coast Guard Academy, he pursued parallel executive careers in mechanical engineering, internet software, and as a yacht captain and maritime instructor on San Francisco Bay and around the world.

Throughout his civilian career and each day on the water, Paul continues to embrace the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty in his interaction with his customers.

Paul is currently a Qualification Examiner (QE), the highest operational qualification in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. As a QE, he evaluates the seamanship, boathandling, navigation and other skills of surface operations boat crew and coxswain personnel throughout USCG Auxiliary District 11NR (Northern California and most of Nevada and Utah).
USCG National Master

100 Gross Register Tons, Near Coastal, Power and Auxiliary Sail, Assistance Towing, Radar Observer Unlimited, TWIC, Marine Radio Operator Permit

USCG Qualified Instructor and Proctor

At Training Resources Maritime Institute and U.S. Captains Training.

California For-Hire Vessel Operator

Valid for California lakes and all state (non-federal) waters

Registered Professional Engineer (PE)

Mechanical Engineer in California, Oregon, and Arizona

Bay Vessel Services is proud to be a business member of both the American Boat and Yacht Council and the National Fire Protection Association.